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Don’t compare your career to your friend’s

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Your friend’s awesome career status on social media can make it hard not to think you’ve made bad career choices. However, you shouldn’t allow that to make you feel bad about your career. Remember:

Your job is different than your friend’s. Unless you work in the same company, at the same job, there’s no comparison.

Social media isn’t the whole picture. You don’t know the bad things your friend isn’t posting about.

Jealousy leads to bitterness. You might end up resenting your friend pointlessly.

Your self-esteem will drop. Envy of your friend’s job can make you hate yours and your professional choices.

Your job performance will suffer. Instead of doing great things at work, you’ll be imagining your friend’s great job.

You’ll develop a negative outlook. Comparing your “dull” job to your friend’s “exciting” job will make you look negatively on other aspects of your life.

— Adapted from “8 Reasons Comparing Your Career To Your Friends’ is Harmful,” Jessica Booth, Bustle.com.

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