6 apps for note-taking organization

You may take notes for things like grocery lists and work meetings, and almost certainly know the frustration of misplacing a sticky note with a phone number or appointment time. Ditch the pile of scrap-paper notes on your desk or kitchen table with these apps:

1. Squid. If you’re a fan of handwritten notes, Squid lets you use a stylus or your finger to write notes electronically.

2. Evernote. Evernote has lots of features, including checklists and doodles, and you can sync up with others for a collaborative project.

3. GNote. This one is good if you want a very simple, basic notes app.

4. Google Keep. If you like to keep things hyper-organized and use a lot of note-taking features, this may be good for you.

5. S Note. This app is good for helping you separate your different types of notes into “notebooks.” It also offers more advanced drawing tools.

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6. Just Note. Another simple app, this one is good for those who want an easy, to-the-point app.

— Adapted from “Best note-taking apps,” Brad Ward, Talk, Android.