6 apps for note-taking organization

You may take notes for things like grocery lists and work meetings, and almost certainly know the frustration of misplacing a sticky note with a phone number or appointment time. Ditch the pile of scrap-paper notes on your desk or kitchen table with these apps:

1. Squid. If you’re a fan of handwritten notes, Squid lets you use a stylus or your finger to write notes electronically.

2. Evernote. Evernote has lots of features, including checklists and doodles, and you can sync up with others for a collaborative project.

3. GNote. This one is good if you want a very simple, basic notes app.

4. Google Keep. If you like to keep things hyper-organized and use a lot of note-taking features, this may be good for you.

5. S Note. This app is good for helping you separate your different types of notes into “notebooks.” It also offers more advanced drawing tools.

6. Just Note. Another simple app, this one is good for those who want an easy, to-the-point app.

— Adapted from “Best note-taking apps,” Brad Ward, Talk, Android.