Value of a password manager

Many of the apps either on your computer or on your mobile device require a strong password. And since the best passwords are not “123456” or “Password,” you might find yourself using the same password on multiple accounts, like your online banking, social media accounts and much more.

Unfortunately, using the same password for everything will expose you to a huge risk. If hackers crack your one password, they have full access to everything. So the best strategy is to use different long and hard-to-guess passwords for every app you use.

This means remembering which password goes with which app. This can be confusing and frustrating—unless you have a password manager.

With a password manager, you can protect your passwords without having to remember all of them. Many of these programs use encryption coupled with other proprietary technology to ensure complete protection.

Password managers on a computer are often installed on your browser. Many managers also have a mobile app that allows them to access all the passwords they have saved from mobile devices as well.

One of the preferred managers is Lastpass. It has both a browser plugin as well as a mobile app. It is free but also offers a premium option for additional features.

Many of the password managers will sync across various devices and computers, so that wherever you are, you can access your passwords. Many will also let you share your passwords with others as well.