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The HR I.Q. Test: January ’17

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Patrick DiDomenico

by on
in HR Management,Human Resources

1. During the campaign, President-elect Trump advocated nationwide mandatory employer use of:

a. Arbitration agreements

b. E-Verify work authorization system

c. Health savings accounts

2. What percentage of employers monitor the websites visited by employees?

a. 35%

b. 22%

C. 48%

3. Which country gives women a statutory right to menstrual leave?

a. Ukraine

b. Germany

c. Taiwan

4. What two industries are the most frequent targets of wage-and-hour lawsuits?

a. Hospitality and retail

b. Foodservice and hospitality

c. Manufacturing and foodservice

5. As of Jan. 1, 29 states will have minimum wage levels set higher than the federal minimum wage ($7.25 per hour). What was the first minimum wage amount approved by Congress?

a. 45 cents per hour in 1943

b. 13 cents per hour in 1929

c. 25 cents per hour in 1938

6. It is illegal for a foreigner to hold a personnel/HR management position in which country?

a. Indonesia

b. Egypt

c. Spain

Sources: 1. TheHRSpecialist.com 2. CareerBuilder.com survey 3. DLA Piper report 4. Lexology.com report 5. U.S. Department of Labor 6. DLA Piper report

Answers: 1. b   2. a   3. c   4. b   5. c   6. a

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