There’s nothing wrong with a planner book

If you still use a faux-leather, spiral-bound, at-a-glance weekly book with the year embossed on the cover—instead of a digital one that hides under an app on your smartphone—that’s OK. Here are six reasons to keep using the book:

1. Making an entry with a pen forces you to slow down, take your time and think about what you’re jotting into the blocks. And the act of writing will also aid in remembering and perhaps result in better planning.

2. You can make things personal. Go ahead, doodle on the margins, add extra notes, colors, funny remarks. It’s your journal.

3. Keep your entries private. If you need to share anything from your calendar, you can pick up the phone, shoot an email or get up and go for a face-to-face talk. Your book is for your eyes only.

4. It’s user-friendly. “Sheila lunch 12:15” on the Wednesday, February 8 block is much easier and more fun to scribble in than to thumb your way through entry fields on your phone.

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5. No notification alerts. Don’t you feel like you’re not in control if you have to be reminded (and surprised) that you have a staff meeting in 15 minutes? The book might keep you better prepared for all your plans.

6. No batteries or chargers required.