4 cool calendar tools to keep you on track

There are several great tools in Google Calendars to keep you focused on your important appointments, events and tasks.


Great way to get an organized look at your day, old-school planner style. Very printable and easy to peruse. From any calendar view, click on the Agenda button in the upper right. Select multiple calendars to see all those events. They will be color coded, so it’s easy to distinguish which calendar they came from.


You’ll be presented with a line item view. To see the details for one item, click the plus symbol at the beginning of the entry. Or, click Expand All at the top to see all the details. You can also click the Tasks button under the My Calendars selection on the left side of the screen and see both your appointments and To Do list. They appear with check boxes, which you can click to check off completed items.

Interesting calendars

Browse Interesting Calendars when traveling to a foreign country or keeping tabs on teammates who are traveling or located across the pond. It might be good to know what local holidays may impact their availability or your capability for doing business on certain days.

Click the settings wheel in the upper-right corner and choose Settings. Change the screen to Calendars. This selection is located between General and Labs. Look for the Other Calendars category and click the Browse interesting calendars link.

Browse interesting calendars

If you’re a sports fan, from the Sports category, you can find your favorite sport and team. Click Subscribe to subscribe to their calendar. In the More category, you’ll find moon phases, sunrise/sunsets, and day of the year and week of the year information. Just subscribe to add them.

Work offline

While more and more flights are providing internet access, not all of them do. And, even if they do, not all the choices are cost effective. No matter, you can still get work done by working on your Google calendar offline. From the Settings wheel, choose Offline. You will likely see this dialog box.

Enable Google Calendar Offline

Click the Install button to enable this feature. Then, from chrome://apps/ you’ll be able to access Gmail and your calendar offline.

Quick add

Are you in a meeting and need to set up future appointments quickly? There’s no reason to fumble around with the full appointment or meeting screen. Just click the dropdown arrow on the right side of the Create button. You’ll be presented with a mini-input screen where you can type in the subject day and time. Google is smart enough to figure out how to parse the information and put it in the right place. If you enter Barbecue at Danny’s 7PM Sunday, it will figure out that you mean this coming Sunday at 7:00 PM.

You’ll also see a little pop-up message at the top telling you how it interpreted your input. On that pop-up will be an undo link, just in case that’s not what you meant!


Google is always trying new things out to see how they work. Go to Settings and Lab to see what’s cooking and give it a shot.