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Cultural Literacy 101: January ’17

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RADICAL CANDOR: a management concept that encourages colleagues to give blunt, honest feedback rather than sparing feelings, in order to promote faster professional growth.

POST-TRUTH: a culture in which leaders focus largely on appeals to public emotion, and in which the simple repeated assertion of things that aren’t true can overwhelm the facts.

VINE: an application that allows users to create and upload six-second videos to their Twitter feed. Twitter recently announced that Vine would be discontinued in the coming months, as despite its popularity with creative users, it never became a profit center.

DELIVERABLE: any sort of tangible product to be given to either a colleague involved in a project or an actual purchaser.

BREXIT: the voluntary withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

JOMO: stands for “joy of missing out.” It refers to the pleasure gained from enjoying your current activities without worrying that other people are having more fun.

MIC DROP: a moment in which someone delivers a powerful line and then walks away for effect.

PRIVATIZATION: the process of converting government enterprises into privately owned companies.

NAFTA: stands for “North Amer­ican Free Trade Agreement,” a pact to gradually eliminate tariffs and other trade barriers among the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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