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4 toxic people who are holding you back

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Toxic peopleNegative individuals can hold you back from meeting your potential. Stay away from these people if you want to be successful in your job:

Takers. If you notice that you have dedicated a lot of time to certain individuals and they have not helped you out in any way, it may be time to distance yourself from them. If you are unable to, you need to have a conversation with them about the unhealthy work balance of your relationship.

Passive-aggressives. Progression in the workplace is fueled by honest and open discussion between co-workers, especially when problems arise. It’s more difficult to discuss problems with passive-aggressive co-workers because they are more likely to have trouble dealing with confrontation and feedback.

Those who are distrustful or unforgiving. They may automatically believe your mistake was intentional and purposely aimed to do them harm, when in reality you may have just missed a detail. Since they no longer trust you, they may try to push you out of projects, which can hurt your career progression.

Liars. If they can so easily lie, you will never know when they are being truthful and are actually sticking to their word.

— Adapted from “5 Toxic People You Should Avoid Like the Plague,” Travis Bradberry, Forbes.

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