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It’s time to pass out admin awards–but what should that look like?

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Question: "Our admin team is planning a little awards ceremony during the holidays. Some of the awards will go to those who have done great work, but others will be more tongue-in-cheek so we can all have some fun. I'm wondering what some good, clever awards categories would be to reflect what admins have to face each day." - Bonnie, Admin Team Leader

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Terri November 17, 2016 at 7:01 pm

Don’t forget the Waitress Award, for the admin who always has to order the catering and feed everyone … except herself!


Debra November 17, 2016 at 4:42 pm

The Multi-Tasker Award – a rubber octopus with a sticky note attached to each tentacle listing all the jobs you do.

The Many Hats Award: recognizing the people who perform multiple roles in their jobs or who just plain know a lot about everything! Miniature hats; cowboy, hardhat, nurse, doctor, police, fire etc.

Balloons or a Gumby or Pokey doll for being the most flexible.

A Mr. Bill Doll – for the person who is always surprised or upset about changes in the office.

A Mr. Rogers Doll for the person who is always the most welcoming to everyone.


Trish November 17, 2016 at 4:23 pm

Here are some that I have found on line.
1. The Bouncer Award. This can be given to the most muscular person in your company who is known to go to the gym and pumping iron.
2. The Fashionista Award. This can be given to the person who is always trendy and fashionable and who is always showing up at work with a new outfit every other day.
3. The Burning Rubber Award. This can be given to the person who is the fastest to dash out of the office when the clock strikes five.
4. The Big Kahuna Award. This can be given to the person who is diligent in surfing the internet.
5. The Rear End Award. Not every office may have the person who is willing to show off his/her rear end. So this award may go unclaimed.
6. The Hound Dog Award. This can be given to the most loyal and faithful employee who doesn’t question the people at the top.
7. The Deer in the Headlights Award. This can be given to the most confused person in the office who is always dazed.
8. The Drama King or The Drama Queen Award. This can be given to the male and female category of the most dramatic person in the office who can also be in the best acting award.
9. The Room Service Award. This can be given to the person who only would turn up at the office when it’s lunch break.
10. The Loch Ness Award. This can be given to the person who is very difficult to be found when he/she is most needed. It’s quite related to the next award.
11. The Houdini Award. This can be given to the person who is able to escape stealthily when a problem arises and only appear when the problem has been solved.
12. The Biggest Baby Award. This can be given to the person who needs the most comfort for every unhappy situation.
13. The Ace in the Hole Award. This can be given to the person who is a big gambler, a risk taker with a poker face.
14. The Bull Rider Award. This can be given to the person who is brave and can ride out a storm.
15. The Smoothest Moves Award. This can be given to the person who is always cool, suave and knows the right moves.
16. The Golden Turkey Award. This can be given to the person who is always giving bad ideas or ideas that turned out to be bad.
17. The Bermuda Triangle Award. This can be given to the person whose office space is the place where things go missing or disappear without a trace.
18. The CNN Mouthpiece Award. This can be given to the person who knows everything that goes on in the office; the office gossip.
19. The Unofficial Reporter Award. This can be given to the person who reports office news to everybody and seems to have a grip on the latest policies that the administration would be amending.
20. The Top Dog Award. This can be given to the most hardworking person in the office who is always looking for business opportunities.
Job Well Done Awards
The Rookie of the Year for best newcomer
The Raisin Award for the most deserving of a “raisin” pay
The Energizer Bunny Award for never slow down
The Motel Six Award for logging the most late hours
The Habanero Award for the hottest idea
The, Hey Kool-Aid! Award for always appearing with on call
The Coal-to-Diamond Award for most valuable under pressure
The Old Yeller Award for the best dressed
The Jeeves Award for going above and beyond the call of duty
The Pot of Coffee Award for the first to arrive in the morning
The Glass-Half-Full Award for most optimistic
The Wolfgang Puck Award for bet chef
The Baby’s Bottom Award for smoothest in times of crisis
The We’ve Got Spirit! How “Bout You? Award for most pep
The MacGyver Award for the most likely to be able to fix something
The Houdini Award for ability to escape from any bind
The Bullseye Award for always keeping us on target
The Edison Award for the most good ideas
The Nikon Award for most likely to stay focused
The Yoga Award for the most flexible
The David Copperfield Award for making problems disappear
The Google Award for having all the answers
The Cheshire Cat Award for best smile
The ShamWow! Award for amazing ability to clean up messes
The Ryan Seacrest Award for most likely to be working multiple jobs at once

Poking Light Fun Awards
The Heinz Ketchup Award for always making others wait
The Seinfeld Award for excellence in making something out of nothing
The Dunkin Donuts Award for excellence in sugarcoating everting
The Bermuda Triangle Award for the desk where things to in but never come out
The Jeff Gordon Award for racing away from work the fastest
The Big Kahuna Award for most time spent surfing the Internet
The Adrian Monk Award for biggest germophobe
The Baryshnikov Award for most skill in dancing around the issues
The Selective Hearing Impairment Award for only hearing what you want to hear
The TGIFriday’s Award for most excited about the weekend
The Cracker Barrel Award for the workspace filed with the most knick-knacks
The Spammie Award for excellence in forwarding joke e-mails
The Deer in the Headlights Award for most confused
The “Yes, We Can Hear You Now” Award for most annoying cell phone ring
The Casual Monday-Friday Award for continually pushing the limits of business attire
The Loch Ness Award for least likely to be found
The Last Drop Award for biggest consumer of caffeine
The American Express Award for always taking credit
The Crackberry Award for clinical addiction to your PDA
The Yoda Award for most struggle sin coherent sentences to speak
The Dusbuster Award for expertise in sucking up
The One More Thing Award for most likely to extend meetings
The Housekeeping Award for showing up sometime before lunch
The Timbuktu Award for the longest commute
The Human Vulture Award for eating anything found lying around
The Blue Screen of Death Award for most prone to having computer problems
The Tall Tales Award for most likely to talk about the one that got away
The Watched Pot Award for most impatient
The El Nino Award for most long-winded
The Golden Fencepost Award for best gossip
The Mount Vesuvius Award for most likely to erupt at any moment
The Rip Van Winkle Award for most likely to be caught napping
The Donald Trump Award for most likely to exaggerate
The Golden Turkey Award for worst idea
The Ruth’s Chris Award for biggest expense reports
The Snuggie Award for most ridiculous purchase
The Glass-Half-Empty Award for most pessimistic
The Global Warming Award for polluting the atmosphere with hot air
The Barack Obama Award for excellence in eloquent speaking
The DOS 2.0 Award for most reluctant to upgrade
The Accidental E-mailer Award for sending e-mail to the wrong person
The Ten-Point Buck Award for excellence in talking a “big game”
The Unit Airlines Award for least likely to arrive on time
The Foot-In-Mouth Award for always saying the wrong things at the wrong time
The Sesquipedalian Award for overuse of big words
The Insufficient Memory Award for most forgetful

Leadership and Teamwork Awards
The Running with the Bulls Award for biggest risk taker
The Mick Jagger Award for most charismatic leader
The Oregon Trail Award for greatest pioneer
The Kool & the Gang Award for excellence in group work
The Larry, Darryl and Darryl Award for the most tight-knit group
The No “I” in Team Award for working well with others
The Human Pyramid Award for providing reliable support for fellow workers
The Dog Whisperer for keeping everyone in line

Job Specific Awards
The Super Techie Award for dominance of computers (IT)
The Design Star Award for best style (design)
The Hammurabi Award for best write of code (programming, HR, or Legal)
The Panera Baker Award for bringing in the most bread (sales)
The Jack and the Beanstalk award for best up-sell (sales)
The Johnny Cash Award for keeping the company in the black (sales)
The Snake Oil Award for best sales pitch (sales)
The Glamour Shots Award for making everyone look good (marketing)
The CSI Award for excellence in getting to the bottom of things (HR)
The Da Vinci Code Award for making sense of complex rules (HR)
The Dr Phil Award for best listener (HR)
El Matador Award for cutting through all the bull (legal)
The Prada Award for best pulling of purse strings (accounting)
The Goya Award for best bean counter (accounting)
The Cousin Vinny Award for bet debt collection (accounts receivable)
The Road Warrior Award for most travel miles logged
The Martha Stewart Award for best planning of social events
The GEICO Award for saving the company money
The Phrase of the Year Award
The Biggest Moment of the Year
The Funniest Moment of the Year

Funny Award Certificates
Champagne Award for most sparkling personality
Let Me Tell You Award for most likely to give unwanted advice
Cheap Watch Award for most tightly wound
Brown Envelope Award for best at keeping secrets
Back in the Day Award for most nostalgic
Speed Boat Award for most nostalgic
Peacocking Award for biggest show off
ADD Award for most likely to be distracted by – look, something shiny!
Fourth and Long Award for most likely to come through in the clutch
Best in Show Award for most well-groomed
Grandma’s Dumplings Award for most comforting
Pep’ Le Pew Award for most flirtatious
Oscar the Grouch Award for best trash talker
Celebrity Rehab Award for most in need of therapy
IKEA Manual Award for hardest to understand
Mom Jeans Award for not caring what others think
Pippa Middleton Award for most likely to steal attention
Do What? Award for most likely to not have listened to a word you said
Charlie Sheen Award for Winning! Duh!
Two A.M. Jaeger Bomb Award for excellence in bad decision-making
Hook, Line and Sinker Award for most gullible
Nosey Neighbor Award for most likely to be all up in your business
The Decider Award for best decision maker
Butter Fingers Award for most likely to drop the all
Sliced Bread Award for best invention since
Cheap Fajita Award for being all sizzle and no steak
Most Redundant Award for most likely to repeat themselves on and on and say the same things…
Sweatpants Award for most adaptable to change
Fear Factor Award for most likely to eat anything (or most willing to accept a dare)
Fancy Pants Award for most highfalutin
Mr Rogers Award for most neighborly
Do Not Disturb Award for least fond of interruptions
Fox News Award for most fair and balanced
Benjamin Button Award for most likely to look younger with each passing year
All-You-Shouldn’t Eat Award for most trips through the buffet line
Pot Luck Jackpot Award for most flaky
Ratatouille Award for secretly pulling all the strings
Harry Potter Award for most likely to succeed
Swagger Jacker Award for stealing someone else’s style
Brangelina Award for cutest couple (Posh and Becks)
Mr Spock Award for most logical
15 Minutes Award for most likely to end up on reality TV
Advance Trigonometry Award for most difficult
Lil John Award for most bling
Doubting Thomas Award for most skeptical
Tsetse Fly Award for most annoying or (biggest pest)
Honest Abe Award for most likely to tell the truth
Class Clown Award for most entertaining
Tin Foil Antennae Award for most receptive
Flea Market Award for turning junk into profit
Couldn’t Care Less Award for most uninterested
Hugh Grant Movie Award for most romantic
Tom Hanks Award for most likeable
Toddlers and Tiaras Award for most inappropriate wardrobe
Justin Bieber Award for best haircut
Separated at Birth Award for most similar
Young at Heart Award for most youthful spirit
Macadamia Award for toughest nut to crack
Passive Aggressive Award. You don’t have to accept this award if you don’t want it. Really, it’s fine
March of the Penguins Award for most likely to be together forever
Howard Stern Award for most likely to bring up inappropriate subjects
Cold Miser Award for most likely to keep it freezing
Heat Miser Award for liking it hot…real hot!
Free Range Award for most likely to stand idly by while your pet mauls someone
Angry Birds Award for best way to pass the time (or biggest water of time)
Waffle House Hash Browns Award for most scattered
Make Do Award for most likely to take shortcuts
Tin Man Award for most heart
Two Dollar Steak Award for the toughest around
Category 5 Award for most threatening
Third Base Ref Award for most likely to argue your point
Mulligan Award for needing the most do-overs
Bull by the Horn Award for most likely to take initiative
911 Award for most likely to get injured
Jack Sparrow Award for getting things done while looking like you have no idea what you are doing
ATM Fee Award for slowing draining our bank account (nickel and diming us to death)
Smoking Gun Award for being caught re-handed
Designated Driver Award for most responsible
Mississippi River Award for most crooked
Pixar Studios Award for most animated
Pants on the Ground Award for saggiest jeans
TMI Award for most likely to share way too much information
Beavis and Butthead Award for sitting around talking about others while getting nothing done
Hannah Montana Award for most likely to have a secret double life
Out-Doer Award for most likely to one-up your story
Stall Phone Award for talking on your cell phone in the bathroom
You Tube Addict Award for countless hours watching strangers dancing , monkeys smoking, and cats riding Roombas
Facebook Fanatic Award for unhealthy obsession with Facebook
Groupon Award for most likely to buy something and never use it
Twitter Addict Award for most likely to tweet about winning this award
Pho Tagger Award for most likely to post unflattering photos of you
Documentary Filmmaker Award for excessive videotaping of life events
APF 50 Award for protecting our backs
Swiss Army Knife Award for most indispensable (or having all the tools needed for nay task)
Bruce Springsteen Award for best boss
Stepping Up Award for best volunteer
Florence Nightingale Award for best nurse
Vince Lombardi Award for best coach (or Sue Sylvester)


Sonya Hohmeister November 17, 2016 at 4:23 pm

What I used in the past were minature awards and pasted on them their names and a “Super Star” on them. Each Admin in our team got one. They keep them on their desks for others to see….


Bridget McCort November 17, 2016 at 4:17 pm

1. The Straight Face Award – for the person best able to maintain a professional demeanor in the face of outrageous demands
2. The Crossed Legs Award – for who can hang in there working away before they have to take a bathroom break
3. The Pack Mule Award – for the person that really needs a wheelbarrow to haul their stuff around
4. The Comic Genius Award – for that person who can always see the humor in things
5. The Snark Award – for the person that always has a sarcastic comment


Cindy Coleman November 17, 2016 at 4:10 pm

You could use some ‘wedding’ gadgets – a ball with chain for the most domineering, a veil for the most dramatic, maybe a hand held eye mask for the most informative (2-faced), baby bottle for the biggest whiner, slippers for the most laid back. My grandmother got an award at a family reunion for Most Well-Mannered – it was the back end of a horse!! Find some cheap Halloween stuff to give as awards. Use your imagination!!


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