Beware time systems that automatically clock out

As employers adapt to new rules covering overtime pay for white-collar employees, they have considered various new timekeeping methods.

Be careful which you choose. Don’t, for example, sign up for a method that automatically clocks workers out at the end of the shift.

Recent case: Workers at a Minnesota Chipotle restaurant will soon go to trial in a case that has been in court for more than four years. The workers claim their employer set up an automatic timekeeping system that would clock them out at the end of their scheduled shift. The problem, they convinced the judge hearing their claim, is that they often continued working after the end of their shifts and, therefore, weren’t paid for all time worked.

A jury will soon decide how much they are due. (Harris, et al., v. Chipotle, No. 13-CV-1719, DC MN, 2016)