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What a good manager might have said to the Chicago Cubs if game seven had gone wrong

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Robert Lentz

by on
in Leaders & Managers,Team Building

On a mid-October night in an alternate universe, the Cleveland Indians actually defeated the Chicago Cubs in game seven of the World Series to take baseball’s 2016 crown, and in doing so, denied millions of diehard Cubs fans from realizing their century-old dream of winning a league title. What could manager Joe Maddon possibly have said to his team to make such a fictional defeat less crushing? Maybe he could have tried something that, with a little modification, might work for any leader trying to motivate a staff in their worst moment:

“So it happened: The papers are filled today with news of our failure. Last night, you could literally see grown men and women crying on TV over our defeat. Some are saying, You broke our hearts.

“What they’re all consumed by is the final result of our long dizzying season, the single punctuation mark at the end of our striving for greatness. I can’t blame them. It’s only natural to remembe...(register to read more)

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