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Navigating Office 365 SharePoint

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New look

Q. How do I get to list and library settings now that Microsoft has changed everything?

A. If your new lists and libraries don’t seem to show a List or Library tab at the top, it is using the newest interface available with Office 365. You can still get to List and Library settings by clicking the All Items button and selecting Manage views.

List experience

In addition to letting you manipulate and create views, you will see all of your typical settings available to you depending upon your permissions for that object. If you are in the actual list or library, you can click on the gear or settings button, and choose List or Library settings from that menu. To change permanently back to the classic view, click the Advanced category of settings. Scroll to the bottom to find the List experience section and choose Classic experience. To set this for all of SharePoint, look at the bottom left of your SharePoint screen and click the link that says Return to classic SharePoint.

Q. Where’s the ribbon in SharePoint Online?

A. Things did seem to change all of a sudden. See the above answer to find out how to get back to the classic view if you wish. However, before you do, check out the options just above the list. See how they change when you select an item.

Alert me

The most common “next steps” are right there, including setting up an alert that is accessed by clicking the ellipses.

List and library templates

Q. How do I create a template from a list or library?

A. First, you’ll need to have Design or greater access permissions to the object or site (if the object inherits permissions from the site).

Permissions and management

If you have this permission level, you will see the option on List or Library settings under Permissions and Management to save list or save document library as a template. To use it, after clicking Add an App, you should be able to select it from the gallery. To delete or otherwise manage your templates, on Site Settings, look under Web Designer Galleries and locate List templates. Click that to go to the library that contains all of your custom templates.

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