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Excel: Date data demystified

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in Excel Training,Office Technology

There’s something at which Excel truly excels that surprises even many advanced users, and that’s date math. Once you know how Excel works with dates, there’s so much your data can tell you!

Serial number dates

When Excel stores a date, although you may see it as 10/10/2016, it is actually storing the number 42,653. Because with date formatting, the number “1” comes out to be 1/1/1900, so 42,653 days later, it’s 10/10/2016. So, if you’re solving for a future date, you simply add the number of days to the starting date to find out what date that would be. For example, if you enter the date a factory floor machine is put into operation in A1, the number of days after which it must be recalibrated in B1, and the formula =A1+B1 in C1, you would get the correct date.

Correct date

From Excel 2007 through the current versions, if you type in the date + some number, you will get a date in return. But, occasionally when doing math with dates, yo...(register to read more)

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