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Cultural Literacy 101: December ’16

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SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: Abiding by the conventions maintained by Google and other search engines to make sure your website comes up prominently when internet users are looking for information.

YELLOW JOURNALISM: News articles based on unsubstantiated claims and exaggeration to attract readers without much thought given to the integrity of the facts.

WHITE LABELING: Making a program or service available to others at a cost so that they can attach their own design and branding to it, with the heavy lifting already done for them.

DYNAMIC CONTENT: Web content that is constantly changing and being updated, usually based on the interests of the individual viewing it.

LAME DUCK: An elected official who is not eligible to run for office again and is merely serving out a fixed term.

ARBITRATION: The process of resolving disputes by agreeing to a third party’s decisions on a course of action.

THOUGHT LEADER: Someone who publishes and is quoted often in their field of expertise and is considered a go-to source of insight.

GROWTH HACKING: Usually spoken of in relation to startup companies, it’s the process of experimenting with marketing and technology to find the most efficient means for fast, dramatic business results.

CARPETBAGGER: A negative term describing someone who comes in from outside to take advantage of a situation for personal gain.

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