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The HR I.Q. Test: November ’16

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in HR Management,Human Resources

1. More than a quarter of American workers reported feeling stressed out at work this fall because:

a. Longer commutes after summer

b. Income concerns

c. Office talk about the presidential campaign

2. The first bill President Obama signed into law (in 2009) was one that:

a. Made it easier for employees to sue for pay discrimination

b. Made it easier for unions to organize

c. Raised the minimum wage

3. What’s the No. 1 pet peeve employees have about meetings?

a. When they veer off topic

b. When they’re unproductive

c. When one person dominates the talking

4. What’s the No. 1 thing that makes HR managers pay extra attention to a résumé?

a. Addressed to a specific hiring manager

b. Customized to the open position

c. Includes link to a candidate’s portfolio

5. What did one applicant list among “hobbies” on his résumé, according to a survey of HR professionals?

a. Napping

b. Hacking government computers

c. Smoking

6. The average cost of providing health care this year runs $8,669 per covered employee, which equates to ___ of a company’s annual operating budget.

a. 7.6%

b. 5.1%

c. 10.7%

Sources: 1. American Psychological Association survey 2. The White House 3. Society for Human Resource Managment 4. Igloo Software survey 5. survey 6. survey

Answers: 1. c   2. a   3. b   4. b   5. c   6. a

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