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Why won’t the CEO let me help?

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

Q: It drives me crazy how our CEO loves to pay for overpriced consultants to tell us what we already know (or at least what I could’ve told the CEO for free). I’m never asked for my opinion. What’s a diplomatic way for me to convey my concern?

A: Assuming your CEO cares about cost containment, position your idea as a form of expense control. Say, “Here’s a way to chop this line item off our budget” or something like that. Then offer to solve a vexing problem, outlining the steps you’ll take, how long it’ll take you and your track record for addressing similar problems. If the CEO isn’t aware of the relevant aspects of your background or expertise that enable you to play fixer, say so.

But be forewarned: Some CEOs view spending on pricey outsiders as par for the course.

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