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Life rule #1: Get enough sleep!

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Maintaining a sleep routine will help you succeed when you are awake. Try these tips:

Stay on schedule. Don’t let a busy week knock you out of your regular sleep schedule. It may be tempting to stay up and finish work, but that can throw off your entire sleep routine.

Keep anxiety out of your bedroom. Don’t bring work into it, because that creates a space for stress instead of rest.

Work out. Exercise can boost your energy during the day, and that will help you sleep later on. If you don’t feel like participating in rigorous activities, you can have a yoga or stretching session to calm your mind after a long day.

Shut off the lights. Bright lights make it harder to fall asleep and easier to wake up. Looking at your phone before you go to bed can mess with your sleep by keeping you awake longer.

Start a bedtime ritual. Whether you choose to meditate or read a book right before bed, over time it will send a signal to your brain that it’s time for sleep.

— Adapted from “6 Sleep Secrets to Boost Your Energy,” Career Girl Daily.

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