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Put magnet attraction into action

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in Admins,Office Management

Over the past two weeks I have been conducting interviews for a corporate executive assistant position. I will share two interview must-dos that may prove beneficial if you are job searching.

Make your smile magical. There are many types of smiles: soft and squishy to broad and bold. There are real smiles and fake smiles (and I saw plenty of those!). It’s interesting to note studies have shown that people who are slower to smile in corporate life are perceived to be more credible. So, when meeting people for the first time, try breaking into your smile a little slower, resisting the urge to walk in with an instant plastic flash ready to knock someone over with it (as many of the candidates did!).

Instead, look at the first person’s face for a second. Count to two in your head. Pause. Soak in their persona. Then, slowly let a warm responsive smile flood over your face and radiate from your eyes. It will engulf the receiver like a blanket. This split-second delay convinces people you are genuine and credible.

Look like a winner. It was confusing to sit in interviews and have candidates tell me they were confi­dent, self-assured and decisive, while their body language screamed “I’m tired and uncertain and passive.” Winners stand, and sit, with confidence.

Before your next interview or meeting with corporate execs, as you walk through any door, imagine there is a magnet attached to a string at the top of the door frame and another magnet on the top of your head. As you pass through the door, those magnets attract and lift you up, stretching your body into perfect alignment, head high and shoulders back. You are now ready to float into the room to captivate the interviewer or the meeting attendees.

Start the magnet attraction as soon as you enter the front door and then greet the receptionist with a magical smile. I received several calls post-interview that some candidates were less than gracious to the front office personnel.

Don’t forget your engaging and confident smile and great posture. Be aware of how you carry your-self into a room and how you sit to discuss your achievements, attributes and skills. What message do you want to send? Stand for that … literally!

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