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Ace a first impression with co-workers

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Making a good first impression with your co-workers is crucial. Writing at Business Insider, Jacquelyn Smith lists ways you can get your co-workers on your side from day one.

Start the introductions. Don’t wait for co-workers to introduce themselves; take the lead and introduce yourself. Afterward, rehearse people’s names. You will impress everyone when you can call on them by name.

Listen. When you are new, you might feel the need to tell others about yourself so they can get to know you quickly. But remember to ask questions about them, too. Letting others speak, listening and asking questions shows that you truly care about getting to know them.

Be committed. Go above and beyond to help others. This will show that you are committed to your work and you are there to help the team.

Learn their communication styles. Each office or person has a different way they like to communicate, such as face-to-face, through a messaging system, etc. You should find out which style is most widely used and immediately start using it.

Don’t complain. People often complain to fit in or make a joke, but it could hurt your reputation. Others will not like that the newcomer already has something to complain about. Try to keep a positive attitude.

— Adapted from “How to Get Your New Co-workers to Like You from the Moment You Meet Them,” Jacquelyn Smith, Business Insider.

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