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Why an unfair workload is a plus for an admin

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How many times have you looked around and realized there’s something not quite right with the way work is being distributed—to you in particular?

The natural human instinct when the papers pile up higher on your desk than your fellow admins’ is to become resentful. It can seem ridiculous that your boss doesn’t see that Mary is getting such a free pass every day, or that Kevin is pretty much dogging it. Weighed down by project after project, you’re clearly the target of an unbalanced load.

It could be the best thing that ever happened to you. If you’re being assigned more work, think of what that means for how you’re perceived by the boss. You get things done, and to build a reputation for that is perhaps the most powerful move you can make in your career.

There’s an even sharper arrow to add to your quill, and that’s the ability to get things done without complaint. Workplaces across the world are filled with people who sigh, pout and openly protest when there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Those who plow forward without comment or even seeming to notice it’s all a little too much become not just respected, they become revered as superheroes.

Aside from competence, what managers want more than anything else from the people they delegate to is peace. Become an admin who causes your boss not a moment’s headache or hesitation when delegating work assignments, and you quickly become the most valued member of the team: no extra training or education required.

The next time a task is dumped on you and you feel it’s been unjustly assigned, see it as one in a series that are merely serving to build up your stellar reputation. Chances are very good that the more quietly and humbly you conduct yourself under pressure, the quicker you’ll move onto the short list of employees destined for bigger and better things.

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