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Live Facebook videos

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

People love watching videos. So, Facebook has made it easier for you to share not only videos with your audience, but also LIVE videos.

While you are in the moment, simply record a video from Facebook. As you are recording, others can see the video live and interact (via text messages) with you. They can ask you questions, make comments or react to it.

This is a new way to reach your audience and engage on Facebook. Just imagine launching a new product, live on Facebook. Consumers get to feel all the excitement and hear it live as you do it.

Your followers can receive notifications when you go live so that they can tune in to your message. They just need to “follow” you.

To record a live video:

1. Go to your status bar and click the pencil icon as if you were going to post a message; one of the options at the bottom is “go live.”

2. Describe your video (give it a name).

3. Allow Facebook to record audio and access your camera.

4. Click “Go live” and you will get a “three, two, one” countdown; then you will be simultaneously recording to your camera roll as well as to Facebook.

As soon as you go live, the video will post in your news feed and others can see it.

After you broadcast the live video, Facebook will save the video in your timeline and replay it for others to see. This also works for verified public figure pages, as well as profiles.

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