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Are your team’s tech devices just … device-ive?

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,People Management

employees looking at tech devicesYou’ve sat through plenty of meetings to the endless click-clack of someone taking notes on a laptop.

You’ve endured conversations around the conference room table where half the attendees spent more of the meeting glancing at their tablet or phone, receiving and responding to text messages, as they did engaging with the conversation happening in the room.

Using technology in meetings is thought to increase productivity and efficiency, but it can have some unwanted side effects that derail the very goal it’s meant to accomplish.

Here’s a look at why you might improve your team’s performance by declaring your meetings a tech-free zone.

Writing helps your brain process information.  

When researchers at Princeton University tested college students to measure the benefits of taking lecture notes by hand, versus typing them into a laptop or similar device, the benefits of note-taking by way of paper and pen were proven.

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