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1-Minute Strategies: October ’16

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in Office Management,Office Organizer,Records Retention

Don’t forget the box. Firing is one of the most unpleasant tasks for a boss, and a devastating one for the employee. After the tense termination meeting is over, hand the person a large empty cardboard box so he or she could gather their belongings without having to wander around the workplace asking for one. They have enough on their minds. Just make sure the box is out of the employee’s view during the meeting.

Only keep employees’ last three performance appraisals on file. Reason: If an employee’s performance goes from good to bad over the course of several evaluations, you can reasonably expect that the employee will try to use those long-ago, good evaluations to challenge the legality of your discipline or discharge decisions. Just make sure you’re consistent with all employees. Inconsistent treatment is always difficult to explain in court.

When discussing performance with employees, make sure you point out ways in which they perform better than they may think they do. Many employees will think their performance is “good enough,” but they can’t see the areas in which they actually excel. Reinforcement helps build a reservoir of self-esteem they can use to correct actual deficiencies.

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