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The leader’s must-do adventure menu

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Robert Lentz

by on
in Best-Practices Leadership,Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers

hikingSelect any three options below and set out to accomplish them within the next calendar year. The life experience you acquire will not only be eye-opening, it will lend you credibility in the eyes of followers—and allow you to relate fascinating anecdotes for a lifetime.

Do something physically dubious. Hike for ten days in the back country, swim with the sharks in Australia, kayak down a river where the rapids can get greedy. Push your body to the limit to see what it feels like to get close to total exhaustion and even a little danger.   

Publish something. Technology has vastly simplified—and made pretty much free of charge—the process of self-publishing and selling a book no visibly different from any you’d buy at Barnes & Noble. It’s time to commit your deepest thoughts to paper by writing on the topic you know the best, or maybe even cranking out that novel you always dreamed of.

Get heavily involved in a team sport. Expe...(register to read more)

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