Biotech assistant: Critical to the mission

Lynn Jansheski is an executive assistant at Adaptive Biotechnologies, a biotech company fo­­cused on the adaptive immune system. Jansheski began her time with Adaptive Biotechnologies about a year and a half ago after being recruited by an HR manager she had worked with previously.

A normal work day for Jansheski includes typical admin duties — scheduling meetings, arranging travel and sorting through and answering emails — but that only represents a small part of her role. She is also responsible for coordinating trade shows space planning for the company’s building expansion project and other projects.

Jansheski says her biggest challenge as the executive assistant to two departments is juggling priorities and determining which department currently has stricter project deadlines or more pressing time demands. She says she’s constantly learning ways to manage their demands and perform well for both, and she has enjoyed the challenge of handling everything thrown her way.

Working for a biotech company brings opportunities that most other admins don’t get, Jansheski says. She says it often surprises people when she tells them she has opportunities to participate in research studies in the company’s labs. She has donated blood three times to be used for cancer research, and while it is only a small part of the research, Jansheski says it still feels amazing to help in seeking a cure to cancer.

Jansheski says she loves working with a wide variety of people across the company. When she joined the organization, she says, she made a point to make herself a resource available to the whole company. Those relationships have given her endless opportunities to learn and stay engaged in the company’s mission.