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Here’s how professionals disagree

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in Workplace Communication,Workplace Conflict

Priscilla Claman, writing at Harvard Business Review, offers these tactics to disagree professionally and effectively.

Be strategic. Rather than voicing your opinion immediately, re-assess your argument. Make sure your disagreement is in line with the business’s best interest. If it is, form a plan to present your argument calmly and professionally.

Check your facts. Double check that you have all the information. Your co-workers or supervisor may have different data, so be sure you know the whole story before arguing your point.

Get expert advice. Find a credible expert to review your claim and back up your position. An unbiased third party’s expertise will supplement your argument and help convince the opposition.

Ask your peers. Run your argument by other co-workers and friends. Practice your points to see if you can persuade them, and get feedback on your facts and presentation.

— Adapted from “6 Ways to Disagree with Senior Management,” Priscilla Claman, Harvard Business Review.

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