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Conduct legally smart exit interviews

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in HR Management,Human Resources

Knowing why employees leave is crucial to finding the cause for turnover. Exit interviews can be a great tool to obtain that feedback. However, take care to minimize legal liability during those meetings.

Schedule it in advance. This shows you take the exit interview seriously. Don’t squeeze it in as the employee is cleaning out her desk.

Steer clear of personal questions that are illegal to ask in job interviews, such as “Are you married now?” If the employee later reapplies and you do not rehire her, she could claim the questions made you biased.

Take seriously any mention of harassment or discrimination. Federal law requires companies to investigate any claims of improper behavior, even if the victim has left.

Document what you hear. Take notes on the employee’s actual comments, not your interpretations. Use quotation marks to signify an employee’s exact words. Be clear and precise. Imagine a jury reading the notes (which could happen).

Realize that confidentiality doesn’t flow both ways. You should tell employees that you won’t share their comments with others, but the employee is under no obligation to do the same.

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