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What a payroll mess!

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in Office Management,Payroll Management

Sometimes you walk into a mess and other times you have a mess thrust upon you. Those were the salient experiences of Jodi Parsons, CPP, Director, Payroll, for the 2015 World Series winners, the Kansas City Royals Baseball Club; and Billy Meyerkorth, CPP, Manager, Human Resources Operations, Cetera Financial Group. Parsons and Meyerkorth lead attendees at the American Payroll Association’s Annual Congress through a workshop on how to fix payroll messes.

Clean up on aisle one. Parsons’ mess consisted of walking into a new job, in December, and having to deal with the day-to-day payroll operations, as well as year-end, and a pay frequency conversion to biweekly, from semimonthly. That’s a lot on a new employee’s plate.

According to Meyerkorth, employees in his organization weren’t being paid properly, their benefits weren’t accruing correctly, and, while trying to straighten all of that out, the parent company bought 12 more co...(register to read more)

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