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Build a foundation of trust

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

Building trust is a lot like building a house of cards: It takes a long time to create, but doesn’t take long for it to come tumbling down. A broken promise or betrayed confidence can erode trust very quickly. To maintain trusting relationships at the office:

Keep your word. Whether you’ve made a direct promise or an implied one, do your utmost to follow through. If you can’t honor a commitment, let others know as soon as possible.

Honor confidences. Whether someone confides in you or you inadvertently acquire sensitive information, keep it to yourself no matter how much others try to get you to divulge what you know. Developing a reputation for discretion means that you’ll be better informed about sensitive matters in the office.

Be consistent. If you have ever worked with anyone who is erratic, you know how hard it is to trust that person. Develop routines and work habits that allow you to do your work in a dependable, consistent manner.

Be honest. While you needn’t be so honest as to tell your boss that you don’t like his tie, when asked your opinion about business matters, express it tactfully and honestly. If you think a project deadline is unrealistic, speak up.

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