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6 key steps to great leadership

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

The key to being a strong leader is positive values and a positive outlook. Here are a few steps to help lead you there:

1. Set the highest standards. Make a pledge to accept only excellence in yourself and others. Apply this to your personal life, energy, work performance and concern for others.

2. Live the type of life you espouse. You can’t allow your standards to slip in even one area. Leaders lead lives that are in perfect accord with what others expect of them.

3. Lead by enabling others to lead. Surround yourself with talented people, and encourage them to lead as well.

4. Become a good speaker and better listener. Study and practice giving speeches and being a solid public speaker, but also pay attention when others speak. Let them know you are listening by asking active questions.

5. Present your ideas in supportable terms. Before announcing your plans, look around you and assess the needs of everyone else. Build in ways they can reach their own goals by supporting yours.

6. Delegate responsibility, not just work. When people have demonstrated their abilities, do not hold them back. Give them more and see if they can soar.

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