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Good worker, bad attitude? Fire if you must

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in Firing,Human Resources

You may have to fire an otherwise good worker if his attitude is bad enough. Be sure to document the misbehavior.

Recent case: Gary, who is black, progressed rapidly at UPS. Even though he was promoted to management, he had ongoing trouble getting along with others. He got into frequent arguments with other workers and was counseled numerous times about his behavior.

Finally, after a particularly vulgarity-filled shouting match, his boss gave Gary one last chance, warning that another argument would mean discharge. Gary argued back, claiming that he could be set up.

He was fired and sued, alleging race discrimination. But he couldn’t point to anyone outside his protected class who was treated more favorably. He lost his case. (Smith v. UPS, No. 15-1487, 8th Cir., 2016)

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