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Put video in your digital strategy

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If you haven’t already, now may be the time to add video to your social media marketing.

We’ve boiled down some good, detailed information about video into these 10 highlights:

1. Experiment with video lengths. Facebook lets you go 120 minutes (too long for almost anything); Twitter recommends keeping video under 30 seconds; Instagram, 60 seconds; Snapchat, 10 seconds; and Vine, 6 seconds.

2. Optimize Autoplay by featuring movement within the first few frames, and be sure to grab attention within the first 10 seconds or less.

3. Add subtitles for those who can’t have the sound on or who are hearing-impaired.

4. Optimize for search. Headlines and descriptions will register in searches, so incorporate keywords or key phrases in them to help users find your video; add relevant hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

5. As videos boom on social media, these platforms are increasingly offering native video uploads that you can just drop into sites like Facebook and Twitter. You also can “feature” a video on Facebook.

6. Take your customers behind the scenes, showing them how your products are made, how they work or who makes them. Show them how to do something using your products or services.

7. Use video editing tools to improve the video quality, such as setting the right emotional tone.

8. Take advantage of trending topics and hashtags to insert a little humor and timelines into the conversation.

9. Run video ads to targeted audiences. And consider adding user-generated content, which is like catnip to millennials.

10. Take care with your headlines. They should make people curious and draw them in. If possible, use keywords.

Source: Social Media Examiner

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