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You can seek ban on more employee lawsuits

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in Employment Law,Human Resources

In some situations, you may be able to get a court to issue a “no more lawsuits” order. It’s not easy, though.

Recent case: A hospital pharmacist insisted for years that she had been discriminated against because she is not a native-born U.S. citizen, but a naturalized one. She was finally terminated, allegedly for being disruptive and refusing to follow directions.

She eventually sued, alleging a long list of violations of just about every federal employment-related law. Her claims were largely dismissed because she had waited too long to file either EEOC charges or lawsuits.

The employer asked the court to block further lawsuits. The court refused, concluding that although the former employee had lost most claims, she had limited success with others, including a bid for unemployment compensation benefits. (Von Maack v. Wychoff Heights Medical Center, No. 15-CIV-3951, SD NY, 2016)

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