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4 ways to stretch your budget

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Small budgets and the need to save money for the company are the reality for many organizations these days. Writing at Business.com, Brian Hughes shares tips for finding cheaper travel plans and activities.

1. Limit overnight stays. Early-morning or late-night flights will mean more time on the ground at your intended location. While these times are often less desirable because they mean being awake at unusual times, they also mean flights with more competitive pricing because fewer people are flying.

2. Loyalty rewards. Research corporate loyalty programs to see if any will work in your company’s favor. For example, your company can earn travel points through airlines while individual travelers still earn their frequent flier miles. Some hotels offer rewards programs as well. By booking rooms for meetings or events, your company can earn points redeemable for free stays or coupons.

3. Compare airport options. Check out all the airport options around your intended location. Don’t assume the biggest airport will offer the most competitive rates. But remember to factor in the costs of travel from the airport to the hotel or place of business. You may be surprised to find the combination of flights to airports an hour or so away from your location, plus the cost of a shuttle to the hotel, will be cheaper than getting a flight closer to your destination.

4. Skip expensive dinner meetings and post-work cocktails. Try to reduce the cost by creating the same environment in a cheaper location—for example, go to lunch or grab coffee instead. You will still be able to network and get work done, but now you won’t spend as much money.

— Adapted from “4 Secrets for Cheaper Business Flights,” Brian Hughes, Business.com.

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