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It’s OK to ask for encouragement

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Anyone can face insecurity or problems at work. Richard Moy writes at The Muse that admitting your insecurities can be healthy. He cites three lessons that boost confidence.

Remember that mistakes happen. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to work things out. This is normal.

Seeking help is not a bad thing. You should try to solve your problems, but if you don’t understand something, ask. Struggling with an issue instead of asking for help hurts you and your team.

Pursue encouragement, and give it. It’s OK to ask your boss for a confidence boost. When you see co-workers struggling, give them some encouragement, too.

— Adapted from “The 3 Best Lessons I Learned From Talking About My Work Insecurities With My Boss,” Richard Moy, The Muse.

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