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3 ways to maximize your time

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in Time Management

We often feel like we are running out of time and constantly working, so we never seem to have enough time to do the things we want. But Jason Womack, writing at Entrepreneur, argues that we aren’t factoring in our lack of focus, discipline or support. Use his tips to create time and get work done.

Decide that now is the time. A lack of focus can make a task go on for longer than it needs to, ultimately draining your time. Sit down and decide that now is the moment to get it done. Tell yourself that you will focus on this task until it is done. Make small subgoals and focus on each one until the overall goal or task is achieved.

Take action. Set a goal you can achieve right now. Choose something immediately attainable that will get you started on working toward the overall goal. If you can’t do it this minute, schedule it on your calendar or set reminders on your phone. Keep this goal in the forefront of your mind until you can get it done.

Find an accountability partner. Research studies indicate that you are more likely to succeed when you have a partner, someone to hold you accountable. Choose someone you trust and would want to hold you accountable as your partner. Share your tasks, goals and desires with them. They will help keep you on track until your goals and tasks are completed.

— Adapted from “3 Ways to Make Progress on a Significant Goal—Today,” Jason Womack, Entrepreneur.

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