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Checked your E.Q. lately?

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Being aware of others’ feelings (emotional intelligence, or E.Q.) can help to improve work interactions. Melissa Moore, writing at Time’s Motto, offers these tips to stay aware of co-workers’ personality styles and make meaningful connections.

Observation. Your co-workers will advertise their personalities through their behavior. Pay attention to how they engage in conversations, meetings and emails to identify the traits they find most important.

Empathy. Knowing a co-worker’s personality lets you tailor your interactions and conversations. If a co-worker is a “connector,” ask about her weekend. If she is a “dreamer,” focus on chatting one-on-one.

Stress reactions. Co-workers will all handle stress differently. Remember what they value. A “connector” needs to feel accepted, while a “doer” will lash out.

— Adapted from “3 Ways to Be More Emotionally Intelligent at Work,” Melissa Moore, Time’s Motto.

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