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Protect your docs with a laminator

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in Office Management,Office Organizer

Got a document that you want to add a layer of protection to, or give a touch of classy professionalism? Then maybe you should consider a laminator. These desktop machines can quickly seal up a memo you want to tack up on the company bulletin board, or fancy up employee award certificates. You can laminate a proposal or all the important pieces for a new employee welcome package.

Here are the Top 10 Best Thermal Laminators In 2016 Reviews, by top10bestpro.com (with Amazon.com prices):

1. AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator ($21.99)

2. Scotch Laminator TL901 ($36.51)

3. Scotch Thermal Laminating Machine TL906 ($54.57)

4. Apache Thermal Laminating Device AL9 ($14.96)

5. Apache Professional Thermal Laminator ($139.96)

6. Swingline Thermal Laminating Machine ($28.36)

7. Black and Decker Thermal Laminator LAM95FH ($99.99)

8. Bonsaii Photo Thermal Laminator ($16.99)

9. BluSmart Thermal Laminating Machine ($26.15)

10. Fellowes Laminating Machine 5735801 ($69.39)

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