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Go it alone or ask for help?

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Work sometimes requires decisions on either figuring something out by yourself or asking for help. Claire Autruong, writing at The Muse, offers a list of situations to help you decide.

Go solo when you can put experience to use. If you’ve never done a project before, but you have experience helping with or observing a similar project, it’s probably fine for you to move forward.

Seek help if you’re starting in the dark. If you have no idea how to start or what your boss would want, it’s best to ask for clarification.

Go solo if you can find the answers. If you can Google how to do something and figure it out, it’s worth trying. A quick search and some self-teaching may be all you need.

Seek help if searching leaves you unsure. If after Google searches you still don’t know how to complete a task, ask for help. After trying to solve the problem yourself, you should have better questions to ask.

— Adapted from “How to Know When You Should Figure it Out as You Go (and When You Should Ask for Help),” Claire Autruong, The Muse.

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