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How to gain respect in your workplace

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

When trying to move up in your company, remember your abilities are not the only thing that get you promoted—respect from your peers and boss play a major part as well. Sam Becker, writing at CheatSheet, says gaining respect can start with simple changes to your behavior.

Show up early. It’s a subtle way to show you are responsible and hardworking. If your schedule allows, get to work an hour early; you’ll be setting the right example.

Maintain your posture and make eye contact. You need confidence to gain respect, and a simple way to show confidence is good posture and eye contact. If you aren’t already used to these practices, keep working at them. These simple physical changes can really affect how others view you.

Speak with authority. You have to show confidence in the way you speak to gain respect. This means speaking clearly and with intention. Make sure your facts are correct before you begin talking about certain topics.

Use silence as a tool. With practice you can master silence. Breaks of silence in presentations or conversation can leave lasting impressions on those around you. Silence, when used properly, can redirect a conversation or allow people to ponder a thought a little longer. This can definitely be used to your advantage.

Lift others up. You can make your way to the top by only caring about your individual well-being, but you may end up not respected. To earn your way to the top and still have others appreciate you means that you will need to help others when they are in need. This is the true definition of a leader and a respected co-worker.

— Adapted from “7 Ways You Can Get More Respect at Work,” Sam Becker, CheatSheet.

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