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5 compliments to use this week

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

Looking for ways to show your employees and co-workers how much you value them? Use these compliments that people love to hear and brighten someone’s day:

1. “You set a great example.” Use this when you want to acknowledge another person’s leadership skills.

2. “Thanks for seeing the bright side.” During difficult times, a positive attitude is a commodity. Use this phrase to let people know you value their optimism.

3. “You raise the bar.” Offer this when you see someone working hard to reach higher standards and expectations.

4. “I appreciate that you always lend a hand.” When people step in for the good of the team, let them know.

5. “You really do walk the talk.” Say this when people’s actions align with their words and they do what they say the will.

— Adapted from “The 15 Best Compliments You Could Ever Give/Receive,” Pam Levin, Lifehack, www.lifehack.org.

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