Assign a role to each weekday to boost your productivity

calendar and clockOn Monday, start this 5-day plan to improve your productivity—and accomplish more each day:

Monday: Assess how you spend your time. Using a spreadsheet or notebook and a stopwatch, track how much time you spend on your tasks, in meetings and so forth. You’ll quickly notice the time wasters you should eliminate.

Tuesday: Revamp your to-do list. Write down all your routine tasks and upcoming projects. Then scrutinize the list. What can you park? Delegate? Merge with another task? Or eliminate?

Wednesday: Edit your schedule. Can you combine two meetings? Or eliminate some? Once you clear some time, block out a chunk of it to focus on high-priority tasks.

Thursday: Stop procrastinating on a project. Take the first step on a task you’ve been putting off to clear off dreaded tasks and gain momentum to keep going.

Friday: Plan for next week. Revise your to-do list and schedule, and establish a plan for how you will execute your work next week. You’ll come in ready to hit the ground running.