A tour of templates in Google’s Sheets

After firing up Sheets in Google Drive, click on the Sheets icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. You’ll see template options for starting up a new spreadsheet. Click the More button toward the right-hand side of the sample templates to see the full collections. You’ll see templates in four categories: Recently used, Personal, Work and Education. Let’s take a little tour through the Personal ones. Some of these are great solutions for entrepreneurs or small businesses in a pinch.

To-do list

The To-do List template includes some pretty clever functionality. When you type an x in the first column, it strikes through the text in both columns A, the x column and B, the task description.

Annual budget

This is a robust solution for a personal or household budget. All the formulas and chart elements are built in so you can keep an eye on your money. Tip: Hide the rows in Expenses and Income that don’t apply to you to avoid “disturbing the matrix” and fouling up the formulas.

Monthly budget

This is a simpler form for a personal budget that lets you track your monthly expenditures and income. It puts variances (budget vs. actual) right in front of you, to encourage you to stay on track.

2016 Calendar

While there are better tools for calendaring in and out of Google, one way to use this Sheets template is to insert comments on the days there are events. You get the visual cue of the gold triangle on the date cell. Just hover to get the information.


If you need a quick scheduling solution, for example, if you have a booth in an exhibit hall, this is a fast and easy solution to schedule visits with your resident specialist during the conference. Customize your time scale by typing in the first and second appointment, for example, 9:00 am and 9:15 am. Then, select both, and drag down to change the appointment times.

Travel planner

This template is more a word processing solution than a spreadsheet solution, but if typing in cells is easier for you, this template could be useful for spelling out flights, hotels, agendas and the like. Because of the easy shareable nature of Google Docs, this is a no-frills/no-fuss way to share agendas with people already on the road.

Wedding planner

If you own a wedding planning business, or are just helping plan one, this is a pretty nifty solution. With a little adjustment, this template could be used for a variety of event-planning tasks!

Team roster

This is a pretty straightforward name list with spaces for all pertinent information about a persona and their role on a team. This one could be great for the day of a big office move or computer equipment refresh project.