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Get your LinkedIn game going

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LinkedIn is a powerful tool for connecting with prospects and hiring new employees. For many unlocking its potential is a challenge. To help you get more from this platform, here are some of the best tips:

Complete your profile. Often, LinkedIn users do not add their full career history (all the way to college), including a professional picture and three to four recommendations. On the right side of your profile, there is a circle indicating your completeness or strength. Use this as a gauge. If you are not an “All-Star” there is more to add to your profile. Review others in your company or industry to see how your profile compares.

Increase your connections. Start by connecting with people you have met, then continue to increase your connections by looking for others that meet the criteria of your ideal prospect or hiring candidate. The search function can help you find the right people. Get over 500 connections for maximum benefit.

Have conversations. Communicate via the LinkedIn platform (instead of email). Often this has less “chatter” and makes it easier to connect. If you are using a contact management system, copy your messages into your system to keep track of the conversations.

Republish your existing content. If you are already publishing a blog, video or other content on other social media platforms (like Facebook), LinkedIn is a great platform to republish this information.

With a few modifications, LinkedIn can be your most powerful social media.

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