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Save money with these 5 travel apps

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When it comes to business travel, the company wants to save as much money as possible. Money magazine rated the most popular travel apps and tested each one to see which saved the most. These rated as the top five.

1. Skyscanner. The app uses data from all the major airlines to find which flights have the best itineraries, shortest layovers and the best prices.

2. GasBuddy. GasBuddy uses crowd­sourced data to show fuel prices nationwide. Use it to find gas stations with the lowest prices near you.

3. OpenTable. If you need to make a quick dinner reservation while you’re on the go, or need to sit down with a co-worker, try OpenTable. This app lets you make reservations with over 33,000 different restaurants, and when you use it to reserve a table, you earn points that can be converted into gift cards.

4. Booking.com. This app links to more than 800,000 hotels to offer you good booking deals, even for same-day reservations. Use it when you need to schedule a last-minute hotel reservation at the lowest price.

5. Hopper. If you are headed somewhere specific and have some time before you must book a flight, use this app. You can search a route and it will show you a daily breakdown of the lowest airfares. The app will even alert you when prices drop.

—Adapted from “Best Money-Saving Travel Apps,” Money magazine.

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