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Managing your relationship with your boss

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in Dealing with Bosses,Office Management

Your relationships in the workplace often dictate how well you work and how enjoyable work is. And one of the most important relationships is with your boss. Lolly Daskal, CEO of Lead From Within, writes at Inc.com about skills and habits to acquire to effectively manage your boss in a nonmanipulative way to remain successful in the workplace.

• Be a problem solver. Problems in the workplace are inevitable, but instead of adding to them, stop participating. Solve the problem instead of creating it.

• Stay calm. While everyone else is frustrated or irritated, your level-headedness will be a nice change for your boss.

• Don’t blame others. When something is your fault, tell your boss what you did wrong, how you can fix it and how you will prevent it from happening again.

• Set up healthy boundaries. A good way to mess up your relationship with your boss is to think he or she wants your attention all the time. Instead of apologizing, justifying or rationalizing, state your boundaries calmly and firmly. Your boss will respect your assertiveness.

• Make your boss look good. You’re not going to make yourself look better by putting your boss down. Instead, help them when they are in a bind.

If you make them look good, that will improve their impression of you and help boost your relationship.

• Remain positive. Try to find the positive in every situation. When others are complaining, be the positive force in the workplace. Your boss will appreciate it and will view you as a valuable team member.

—Adapted from “7 Smart Ways to Effectively Manage Your Boss,” Lolly Daskal, Inc.com.

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