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The right habits to landing that promotion

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

When trying to land a promotion, it is vital to watch all of your workplace habits. Your higher-ups notice what you do around the office, and bad work habits could cost you. For The Huffington Post, R.L. Adams lists the best workplace habits to start fostering if you want that promotion:

• Arrive early every day. Arriving early shows a commitment to your role in the office, while consistently arriving late shows a lack of interest in the company. Unfortunately, late-arrivers are noticed more for their bad habit than early-arrivers are noticed for their good habit. Don’t let this discourage you; your boss will notice.

• Effectively manage your time. Implement a system to help you avoid distractions and accomplish your long-term goals. Track your tasks and how much time you have.

• Avoid workplace gossip. It is better to stay positive and focus on people’s virtues instead of their faults. If you engage in positive behavior, your outlook will start to become more positive, which is a good trait to have if you’d like to be promoted.

• Become a masterful communicator. You need to show your boss you’re an effective communicator. Communication is a skill that needs to be mastered and continuously practiced, including writing, creating presentations, email and public speaking.

• Create and follow a plan. Setting long-term goals, like getting promoted, is not enough to succeed; you need a plan. Create a plan with milestones that will help you attain the larger goal.

—Adapted from “10 Best Workplace Habits for Landing a Promotion,” R.L. Adams, The Huffington Post.


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