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Are they ready for the next level?

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training

When is an employee ready for more responsibility? While there are no ironclad guarantees, you can improve your odds of making the correct call by first considering these key questions:

What is their track record with new situations? Employees who can apply lessons from past experience to the present are usually able to handle new and unfamiliar situations more effectively and creatively.

How much interest have they shown in growing? Employees eager to take on new challenges usually show high interest in outside professional development courses, regularly read new materials in their field of interest, and ask to learn new tasks that go beyond their usual jobs.

How respected are they by their peers? When employees get along well with others, it’s easier for their peers to accept their new role and work cooperatively with them.

How do they deal with their mistakes? Responsible employees “come clean” about errors and try to learn from them, rather than trying to cover up the problem or lay the blame elsewhere.

Have they had a chance to “try out” similar responsibilities in a low-risk way? If they performed well in those situations, it’s a good sign they’re ready for more.

Are they honest with themselves? Employees who know what they don’t know and ask for help, will be better prepared than those who blunder through it.

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