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Here’s what micromanaged workers would love to tell you

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training

If you micromanage your employees, this is what they’d love to tell you—but likely won’t:

“You don’t trust me.” Talk about a confidence destroyer. They feel like you don’t have any faith in their knowledge or capabilities.

“You don’t let me think for myself.” You are telling them exactly what to do, so they aren’t building problem-solving or decision-making skills. Nor are they gaining confidence in their abilities.

“You’re paying me too much for the value I bring.” They have no autonomy to use their expertise or skills, so you would be better off hiring someone with less experience or talent to be a task master.

“You aren’t doing your job well.” Because you are so focused on micromanaging employees, you aren’t productive or successful in your own job.

“Let me do the job you hired me to do. I won’t let you down.” Until employees give you a reason to doubt them, empower them to meet their goals in the best way they see fit.

— Adapted from “5 Critical Messages You Need to Share With a Micro-Manager,” Laura Garnett, Inc., www.inc.com.

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