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Keep workplace talks professional

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

Here are three tips to keep it professional at work—and still maintain your workplace relationships:

Offer compliments. The key here is to keep it focused on work or achievements. Steer clear of commenting on physical attributes. If you are complimented, accept it with a gracious “Thank You.” Don’t downplay your efforts!

Don’t argue for the sake of arguing. You don’t have to prove you’re right, nor do you need to always state your opinion. If your insight benefits the group (e.g., corrects misinformation), share it. If not, don’t create conflict for nothing.

Know when to apologize. Overusing “I’m sorry” can make you look weak and unconfident. However, when you have done something that warrants an apology, go directly to the person, and sincerely offer one.

— Adapted from “8 Tips for Keeping Workplace Conversation Professional,” Michelle Power, Alabama Business, www.al.com.

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